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Did You Know???
While the first concussion can prove problematic, 39% of second or third concussions cause permanent long-term brain damage. It is important to have your child tested before a concussion occurs to best determine when their brain has healed to avoid another concussion.


Baseline testing is important because if a child has a concussion and takes the post-concussion test, the physician is better able to compare the child’s results to his/her individual baseline testing results. When baseline testing is unavailable, normative baseline data must be used and this may be less reliable.

Concussion Management Program $35

  • 1 Baseline Test (valid for 1 year)
  • Post-concussion Tests
  • Monitored Return to Play Protocol* Available

*Return to play protocol will be treated as a regular physical therapy appointment and will cost extra.

A concussion can cause a brain injury that results in cognitive impairments. These impairments can include difficulty with reading comprehension, math skills, and the ability to learn new material. ImPACT® is a computerized test which can detect subtle signs of cognitive impairment. When an athlete/child has cognitive impairments the brain has not healed and they risk suffering a second more severe concussion. The ImPACT® testing is sensitive enough to determine the cognitive impairments even when the child/athlete claims they no longer have symptoms. Returning to play too soon can be dangerous. ImPACT® testing can reduce that risk.


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