Nothing within our bodies is simple.Take for instance the jaw. The jaw to most people is simply a joint that opens and closes when we talk, eat, yawn, and so on. Actually, the jaw joint is anything but easy to understand. The jaw joints, also known as the temporomandibular joints (TMJ), are connected to various other parts within the body including the skull, spine, and teeth. The TMJ is made up of bones, tendons, nerves, and muscles that all have to be working properly and in the right alignment to function. The jaw system is extremely delicate and because it is connected to various musculoskeletal systems, when something is wrong with it, the imbalance or misalignment can lead to other bodily problems. For example, when the TMJ is not aligned properly because of an incorrect bite, it can cause a patient to suffer from a plethora of symptoms that all point towards TMJ Disorder (TMD). This disorder can bring about a lot of discomfort and pain.